Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Worker

The goal of the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Permanent Residence program is to allow skilled workers to become permanent residents by allowing employers and government officers to choose immigrants based on their skill set and on Canada's needs. Under this system, prospective immigrantsapply to express their interest in coming to Canada by answering several questions about their professional skills, education, languages spoken and other factors.


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Minimum requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker category ?

The minimum requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker category are as follows:

  • must be at least one year (1,560 hours) of work in your field;
  • It must be paid;
  • It must be in the same NOC skill type (0, A or B);
  • Your experience must have occurred in the past ten years;
  • It must meet the skill type or levels according to the NOC or National Occupational Classification of 2011;

There are also language abilities that must be met, educational requirements, and six "selection factors" that must all be met before you qualify. These include issues beyond those already mentioned and feature your age, a valid job offer, and more. There is also an economic criterion that must be met, and you must be admissible to Canada as well as intend to live outside of the Quebec province.

Though it is beneficial, the Express Entry process is confusing, and our expertise is often a great resource as you begin your application.

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