Citizenship Application

Citizenship Application

Citizenship Application

Are you a permanent resident who wants to become a Canadian Citizen?

We can help you determine if you are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship, assist you with your citizenship application and advise you of the best measures you should take to obtain Canadian citizenship.

A person can acquire Canadian Citizenship in a number of ways. In general, anyone who is born in Canada is automatically a Canadian citizen.

General Requirements and Exceptions

As a general rule, individuals who are applying for Canadian citizenship must be:

  • 18 years of age;
  • be a permanent resident of Canada;
  • meet residency obligations (reside in Canada for 1095 within last 1460 days – three out of four years);
  • language requirement (be able to understand and speak basic English or French); and
  • knowledge about Canada requirement (need to pass a test).

A language test is required to be provided with an application and a test is to be taken to prove knowledge about Canada. People 55 years of age and over are exempt from these two requirements.

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