Owner Operator Work Permit

Owner Operator Work Permit

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Owner/ Operator LMIA-Based Work Permit

  • This is a way to get a Canadian work permit if you are an owner of your own business. You may apply for advertising exempt Labour Market Impact Assessment, which, if approved, will give you grounds for a work permit.
  • This type of work/permit is often referred to as the Owner/Operator work permit.
  • Any Canadian employer who wishes to employ a temporary foreign worker must first go through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process. Through this process, an employer obtains an authorization from the Government to bring a foreign worker to Canada.

  • The purpose of LMIA is to make sure that before hiring a temporary foreign worker every effort was made to hire a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident.
  • One of the most important requirements of the LMIA process is advertising. The position has to be advertised in various online resources to provide proof that the recruiting effort took place, was extensive and covered many potential applicants from Canada.


However, some LMIA applications are exempt from advertising requirements, and this is one such exemption.

This category has been specifically created for foreign businesspeople who wish to either establish or purchase a business in Canada and manage it.The role of the simplified procedure is to attract businesspeople to the country and make the transition process smooth, easy and quick.

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