Spousal appeals

Spousal appeals

There is a misconception that many people have which is that getting married is enough for their spouse to become permanent resident of Canada. Unfortunately, many times this is not the case. Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) sometimes deny a spousal sponsorship application and can do so for a number of reasons.

If an application is refused, the sponsor has two options, well actually three options:    

                        i)    Re-apply;

                        ii)   File an appeal through the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD); and 

                        iii)   Accept the refusal and live with the applicant in their country; 



Whether you apply on you own or with the assistance of our team, if denied,you can always re-apply. However, you have to be aware that IRCC keeps a file of the previous refusal. You must address the reasons for the first refusal and explain all the discrepancies.


If an appeal is filed, then the sponsor must understand you may only get one shot at it. We usually recommend appealing the spousal sponsorship refusal, where the applicationwas properly completed and the reasons for refusal were unfair.

It doesen't matter what situation you find yourself in, we at M. Khan & Company, will provide you with options. We can lay out these options in front of you, making sure you understand the full scope of your circumstances. Whether you are facing deportation or just want to immigrate , your situation can likely be very sensitive and urgent. Isin't it important that you understand all the options that you have before deciding? Contact us on +1 604-591-5824

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