Residency Obligation

Residency Obligation

In accordance with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), Canada requires that all  permanent residents to be physically present in Canada for a minimum of 730 days out of every 5 year period. This means that as a permanent resident of Canada, you can spend a maximum of 3 years outside of Canada during that 5-year period.

If you are inside of Canada and it is determined by an immigration officer that you have not met your residency obligations, the officer can issue a departure order.

If you are outside of Canada, and an immigration officer located abroad makes the determination that you have not met your residency obligations, they can inform you in writing that your permanent residence status has been revoked.

If you do lose your permanent resident status in Canada, you are able to submit an appeal. During the period of time that you are awaiting your hearing date, you may be able to apply for a Humanitarian and Compassionate Application, if you are able to prove the hardship and risk that you would face if you were forced to leave Canada.

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